Q1 and Not Done

Apr 1, 2024

This being a leap year, EpicentRx leapt into action in Q1.

In January, which is named after the two-faced Roman God, Janus, who focused simultaneously on the past and the future, EpicentRx made sure to look back even as it moved forward.

February, the leap month, was notable for the start of a Phase 2 expansion cohort in sarcoma with lead EpicentRx therapy, AdAPT-001, plus a checkpoint inhibitor and the acceptance of a presentation for AdAPT-001 at the annual AACR conference as well as podium presentations at the Precision Medicine World Conference and Society for Reproductive Investigation Annual Scientific Meeting.

Less of a leap and more of a creep forward, given modest enrollment rates from small patient numbers, is the ongoing EpicentRx Phase 3 clinical trial, REPLATINUM, in the orphan indication, 3rd line or beyond small cell lung cancer (SCLC), with RRx-001 (nibrozetone) plus a platinum doublet.

Sometime after March 10th, which marks the start of daylight savings time, EpicentRx expects to ‘spring forward’ with the launch of Phase 2b clinical called KEVLARx, where RRx-001 (nibrozetone) is given to prevent the development of severe oral mucositis in first line head and neck cancer.

In April, which precedes May, EpicentRx “may” have news on several fronts including business development, new clinical trials for AdAPT-001 and RRx-001, grants, conference abstracts, and top-line clinical trial data.

To learn more about our activities in Q1, check out our recent press, peer-reviewed publications and blog posts linked below. Don’t forget to follow us on X and LinkedIn, too!

Bottom line in Q1 EpicentRx is far from done, and we expect much ado about Q2.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read.
EpicentRx Team