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At EpicentRx™ we’re focused on development of novel therapies designed to target cancer and chronic disease.

Our pipeline includes treatments designed to improve efficacy and tolerability of current approved therapies.

First-in-Class Treatments

Tony Reid, M.D. Ph.D.

EpicentRx Chief Executive Officer
30-year practicing GI oncologist

“The next frontier is more than just new ways of targeting diseases like cancer. Patient quality of life during treatment must drive the discussion. It’s a change in perspective, a call for innovation.”


CyNRGY Platform

The Phase 3 investigational product, RRx-001 is a first-in-class molecule sourced from a portfolio of EpicentRx owned aerospace-derived compounds that targets cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases under the company’s CyNRGY Platform banner.

AdAPT Platform

The AdAPT program’s lead clinical stage candidate, AdAPT-001, is a cancer targeting virus-based immunotherapy technology, designed to create an immune stimulating controlled infection within tumors to direct an immune response.

eLoop Device

The “eLoop” proprietary device is designed for optimized IV delivery of RRx-001.

In addition, research is under way using the eLoop device for enhanced delivery of other standard of care treatments.

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Introducing CyNRGY Platform lead clinical candidate RRx-001

A first-in-class therapy sourced from aerospace
Much of the pharmaceutical industry is based on a recycle and repurpose strategy, rebranding as new or “next generation” based on only minor modifications, which may or may not represent therapeutic improvements over originals.
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See what makes RRx-001 different

Control inflammation, control the disease

RRx-001 inhibits the inflammasome

The Inflammasome is responsible for activation of inflammatory responses. With chronic inflammation tissue destruction that occurs outpaces the regeneration of damaged tissues. Eventually, over time, the normal function of these tissues is reduced or lost. In chronically inflamed tissues, which may result from unresolved sources of foreign bodies, irritants or infections, the inflammasome fuels an inflammatory response for weeks to months or even years, resulting in a range of metabolic, neurological, autoimmune disorders as well as in the initiation of cancer.