EpicentRx Word of the Week: Epilogism

Jul 5, 2023

“Nab a better vocab”



Noun: An epilogism refers to deliberately eye- or ear-catching new phrases, words, or abbreviations that are related to EpicentRx or its therapies.

Epilogisms plural:

Noun: Epilogisms refer to more than one inventive new phrase, word, or abbreviation, which are related to EpicentRx or its therapies.

Example sentences:

“‘Epitionary’ is an epilogism—a new word, which resembles an old one, in this case dictionary, to refer to the growing collection of EpicentRx-specific words.

“‘Pretection’ is an epilogism, a word blend of protection and pretreatment that is used usually with RRx-001 to describe its one-of-a-kind “dose before and then no more” administration paradigm.” Click on this word-of-the-week blog entry on pretection for more context.


First and foremost, epilogisms are meant to educate via the use of new words and phrases that express new concepts with the addition of sufficient contextual materials (definitions or explanations of the meaning, and hyperlinks to previous blogs) to better make the point.

About the word:

Epilogism is a meta-word, that is, a word about a word, in this case one which is specific to EpicentRx.