EpicentRx Word of the Week: Pretection

Jun 26, 2023

“Make your vocab fab”



Protection of non-diseased tissues and organs through pretreatment only.

pretect verb

Example sentence:

“On par with early detection is pretection”.

“An ounce of pretection is worth a pound of cure”.

“The universal police slogan is “to protect and serve”. The unofficial EpicentRx slogan is to pretect and swerve, in other words, to pretreat with protective therapies like RRx-001 and to, hopefully, swerve out of harm’s way because of them”.


In head and neck cancer, RRx-001 is given before, and then no more, in other words, it is given before treatment with chemotherapy and radiation and then not again. RRx-001-related pretection is long-lasting. In the randomized Phase 2 PREVLAR trial after only 4 doses prior to the start of chemotherapy and radiation RRx-001 reduced side effects in head & neck cancer for up to 7 weeks, which led to award of FDA Fast Track Designation.

About the word:

EpicentRx coined the term pretection, a blend of the words, pretreatment, and protection, to describe the “4 and no more, before not during or after” dosing paradigm of RRx-001 in head and neck cancer and other related indications.