A Blog About a Blog About a Blog

Mar 1, 2024


Not to brag but what an absolutely meta-tastic title this is! Also a metastatic one because of the number of times we used the word “blog”.

Last week we wrote a post entitled, “A Blog About a Blog”—because, well, we had nothing “meta” to do, it being very early in the morning well before the official start of the workday, having woken up for no apparent reason. At that time, we felt a little queasy, as one sometimes does very early in the morning, and we wrote that the word blog sounded to us like “blaargh”, which is onomatopoeic for vomit. That made a certain amount of sense also considering that many bloggers are self-described “word vomiters” whose posts are often best characterized as (w)retched.

So, it made sense to follow that post up with this one—more as an experiment to see if we could make it make sense. To that end, hopefully, by now, you’ve had at least one cup of coffee, which definitely helps any text, no matter how word vomitous, make sense—or two cups of tea if you’re English since tea has approximately half the caffeine content as coffee. ‘Steeped’ in prejudice we are, and apologies in advance if this causes a ‘stir’ with our wonderful British colleagues, but it seems to us, for many reasons, including taste, that tea is inferior to coffee.

Of course, we Americans have a very fraught relationship with tea, having dumped hundreds of chests of it in the Boston Harbor in political protest prior to the start of the Revolutionary War. To the British, that was blasphemous, and so was the recommendation of American chemist and philistine, Michelle Francl, in her book, Steeped: The Chemistry of Tea, to make tea less bitter-tasting through the addition of—oh, the horror— a pinch of salt.

Needless to say, the fiercely set-in-their-ways British are extremely tea’d off.

Probably we Americans should stick to coffee.