A Blog About A Blog

Feb 23, 2024


What a meta (self-referential) title—and image.

So, this morning, having woken up way too early for no good reason at all—TGIF after a night like that! —we decided to peruse the company website. And peruse it we did even while waiting for Starbucks to open and for the baristas there to (purposely? Betcha anything they do it on purpose!) misspell and mispronounce our names even though our names are dead easy to spell, pronounce, and remember.

Ah, coffee! ☕️Not sure how the English muddle through the morning hours with only tea. We checked, and like for like, the amount of caffeine in coffee is about double that of black tea.

So, turns out that we’ve written quite a few caffeine-assisted blog posts—understatement much? —since the first one dropped, to absolutely no fanfare, on May 26, 2022. That led us to wonder—again because we woke up so early and apparently had nothing better to wonder about—where the unusual word blog, which honestly sounds like vomit onomatopoeia—blech, blargh, blog—comes from.

Which is sort of an apt comparison considering that several bloggers describe what—and how— they write as “word vomit”. In support of that phrase, here is an example from the web: “Note to self: Buy brown eggs. Definitely not white eggs: Ruth always yells when I get white eggs, but then she yells a lot anyway because she probably grew up in – wait, what color egg did she want?” Lol.

Anyway, according to the modern-day Oracle of Wikipedia, blog is a “truncation” of the words, web, and log. It was coined in 1999 and refers to “informal diary-style text entries (posts)” that are hosted on a website.

Sounds about right.

Hope Ruth got brown eggs, not white ones.🥚