Hot or Not?

Apr 17, 2024

From time to time in this space, we will apply the phrase “Hot or Not?” to tumors from cases that we know or read about. This is clinically relevant because tumors that are hot or immune-infiltrated tend to respond better to therapies. It is the goal of EpicentRx lead therapies, RRx-001 and AdAPT-001, to turn cold or non-immune infiltrated tumors hot.

Case: This is an EGFR-sensitizing positive mutated NSCLC tumor treated with the small molecule, RRx-001 (nibrozetone). In the 5th week of treatment, he was imaged with PET/CT due to progressively worsening abdominal pain, which demonstrated a dramatically enlarged necrotic mass with a thin capsule of apparently viable tumor.

So, is this tumor hot or not?

Verdict: HOT. 🔥 Biopsy of the tumor showed massive immune infiltration, which explains the enlargement on CT scan from necrosis or cell death (dark area).