What a Joke!

Apr 1, 2024

AdAPT-001 floats into a bar, encased in a cationic liposome, and orders a thimble of whisky, which is about all the alcohol that an adenovirus like AdAPT can tolerate before it disintegrates. Skeptically, the bartender asks, “You sure?”

AdAPT-001 replies, “Absolutely positive”.

The joke, of course, plays on the word, “cationic”, which refers to a positive charge. EpicentRx has developed a proprietary cationic liposomal formulation to improve the cell penetrability of AdAPT-001, which overall carries a negative charge. For more information of the development of these liposomes, read here.

Bonus joke:

Two doctors meet in the hospital as patients. One of the doctors, who looks to be in terrible condition, says, “My glands are swollen and painful, I have a high temperature, a splitting headache and I’m exhausted. I think I have cat scratch fever.”

The other doctor, who, by contrast, looks perfectly well, says, “Terrible. You have my sympathy. I think I may have incurable chicken scratch fever”.

The sick doctor looks confused and replies, “Hmm…never heard of that one. Is that some new strain of avian flu? What are the symptoms?”

The second doctor bounds up from his bed, grabs a piece of paper and a pen, and says, “No, but it’s easier to show you rather than tell you.” He proceeds to write slowly and carefully in his best penmanship: