The Write Stuff

Jun 28, 2024

Blogitamus, ergo sumus. We blog; therefore, we are.

Or blogitamus, ergo hummus. We blog; therefore, we eat hummus. A lot of it.

Either way, write on to that!

Also, a blog a day…keeps the spin doctors away.

Write on to that too!

This is the reason for us to post as many blogs as we do in case you wondered – almost one a day, in fact – so that we keep it as real, as unfiltered, and as unwatered-down as possible in line with who we are, what we think, and where we (and the company we work for, EpicentRx) stands, which is squarely on the side of patients and better patient outcomes.

Not that we don’t love the PR/SD (spin doctor) firm, MCS Healthcare, that we work closely with, we absolutely do, especially Jen L. and Ashley T., (they’re awesome) but no one understands what we do, and how we do it – or knows our lead therapies, the aerospace-derived small molecule, RRx-001 (nibrozetone), and the armed biologic, AdAPT-001, that carries a TGF-β trap – better than us, which almost certainly makes yours truly the best equipped write them.

At least that’s how we see it.

Are we biased? Yes, but only because we truly, truly believe in the potential of both RRx-001 (nibrozetone) and AdAPT-001 to make a difference, trite as that may sound, based on all the preclinical and clinical data accumulated to date.

So, for the official backstage pass and behind-the-scenes access to all the goings-on at EpicentRx, as well as news straight from the horse’s mouth (we’re the horse in this case!) you can do no better than to read these highly prolific blog posts and “enter the epicenter”, as our newly minted tagline on the website instructs you to do.

We only hope you love to read them as much as we love to eat hummus.