The ‘Unsung’ Women of Drug Development

Oct 3, 2023

They’re baaack.

Regina, Karen, Gretchen, and Cady from Mean Girls return in the very pink musical adaptation, which is set to premier this January in theaters.

Also back, of course, are the glares, the gossip, the cliquiness, the jealousy, the betrayal, the backstabbing, and the ‘fetchiness’ of it all.

So, yeah, take 2. Or, rather, take 3 because October 3 is officially Mean Girls Day. Or, alternatively, Meme Girls Day because the influence from the movie has spread far and wide.

Far be it from us to follow trends, so this October 3, EpicentRx instead sings the praises (now that Mean Girls is a musical) of the nice not mean women of Drug Development who work tirelessly all around the world for the common good. Let us celebrate the often-unsung doctors, nurses, chemists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, statisticians, clinical research coordinators, regulatory affairs specialists etc. who collectively work to bring new drugs and devices to market.

These women fight—for patients and against diseases of urgent unmet need like cancer, and we extend to them our recognition and gratitude.