The Ghostest with the Mostest

Nov 1, 2023

On the day after Halloween, we ask “who’s the ghost with the most?” From our perspective, it’s not Casper, or the Ghost of Christmas Past, or Slimer (from Ghostbusters), or even Beetlejuice who makes that claim in the movie.

No. Our answer, however campy or cheesy it may sound, is the EpicentRx lead therapy, RRx-001/nibrozetone. This is because immediately after administration RRx-001/nibrozetone disappears completely from view, like a ghost, only to linger on ‘between worlds’ as several cytotoxic and protective metabolites. The cytotoxic metabolites are nitrogen oxides while the protective metabolites manifest to inhibit the NLRP3 inflammasome and activate Nrf2.

The NLRP3 inflammasome involves several proteins that are responsible for the initiation and maintenance of an inflammatory response, and Nrf2 regulates the expression of literally hundreds of antioxidant enzymes.

In this way, even as some ‘vengeful’ RRx-001/nibrozetone metabolites may terrorize tumors, others function to shield normal non-diseased tissues from harm, which makes the small molecule and not Beetlejuice, at least from our point of view, the “ghost with the most.”

Because RRx-001/nibrozetone binds covalently and irreversibly, its spectral but still very real presence is felt for many weeks and possibly months in the post-administration afterlife.