TGF-β Mayhem

Jul 11, 2024

Move over, Dean Winters, the good actor who plays the part of the disaster-prone Mayhem mascot in those fun-to-watch Allstate commercials.

Make way for an even better agent of Mayhem and Chaos that is played by bad actor, transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β), a proangiogenic, prohypoxic, profibrotic, and pro-immunosuppressive cytokine, which many tumors overexpress.

TGF-β, a Master of Disaster, constructs walls not bridges and immature, obstructed blood vessels not mature, unobstructed ones, which predisposes to treatment resistance, treatment failure, and overall disaster for patients.

To be protected from Mayhem like TGF-β, EpicentRx has developed AdAPT-001, which carries a TGF-β trap. This trap binds to and neutralizes TGF-β that most tumors overexpress to the detriment of patients.

Are you in good hands?

Hopefully, yes, with EpicentRx and AdAPT-001.