Meaghan Stirn: The Straw That Stirs the Drink

Nov 2, 2023

In a Seinfeld episode titled “The Opera,” Kramer tells Jerry that “you’re the nucleus. The straw that stirs the drink. You’re the magliana!”

Now we don’t know who or what a magliana is, but without a doubt, the straw that stirs the drink at EpicentRx is Meaghan Stirn née McNatt. VP of Finance and Special Projects, Meaghan is the nucleus around which the rest of the company coalesces.

Meaghan’s drink of choice is a beer, but we assume she wouldn’t say no to a Scotch either because it contains the root word ‘Scot.’ Her husband’s name is Scott, she works hand-in-glove with Scott Caroen, VP of Clinical Operations, at the company, and EpicentRx CEO, Dr. Tony Reid is ancestrally at least a Scot.

Like another Scot, James Bond in this case, Meaghan has a license well, not to kill, but to fill. As in fill-in spreadsheets since she is the VP of Finance.

The other half of her title is VP of Special Projects which is very clandestine because she refuses to reveal exactly what it entails. In which case perhaps we should refer to Meaghan as M, which is the Chief of the Secret Intelligence in the James Bond series.