Here Comes the ASCO Boom

May 29, 2024


“BOOM!” emailed Dr. Anthony P. Conley to us after having received notice that he was selected to give an oral presentation on lead EpicentRx therapy, AdAPT-001, plus a checkpoint inhibitor at #ASCO2024. Actually, the “BOOM!” was bigger than that, both literally and figuratively.

Below the orange, oversized “BOOM!” was the image, shown above, of former World Wrestling Federation (WWF) wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage (aka Randall Mario Poffo – we looked it up) whose famous catchphrase was “Ooooohhhh yeah, dig it!”

And oh yeah, Dr. C, we most certainly dig it.

ASCO is the most prestigious conference in all of oncology, and insanely competitive, with a record-breaking 7000 abstracts submitted, so to have been selected for a podium presentation reflects just how unprecedented and potentially practice-changing are the clinical outcomes that we have observed with AdAPT-001 and a checkpoint inhibitor in hard-to-treat, non-immunogenic tumor types like #sarcoma, and triple negative breast cancer (#TNBC).

And, seriously, they are all that and more.

But, hey, don’t take our word for it. Come to ChiASCO and check out Dr. Conley’s presentation for yourself.

The Macho Man’s signature finishing move was a flying elbow drop, but hopefully, Dr. Conley will simply settle for a well-deserved mic drop.