EpicentRx Words of the Week (WOW): Ananym and Anadrome

Nov 20, 2023

“WOW is spelled the same backwards and forwards, which makes it an anadrome and a palindrome.”


plural -s

adjective ananymic

Definition (noun): a name written backwards.

Pronunciation: anay-nim


Pronunciation: a-na-drome

plural -s

Definition (noun): a word written backwards.

Example sentences:

  1. Yhprum’s is an ananym of Murphy’s.
  2. Eroom is an ananym of Moore.
  3. The anadrome of noon is noon. The anadrome of wow is wow. Noon and wow are also palindromes or words that are the same forwards and backwards.
  4. The female name Nevaeh is an ananym of heaven.
  5. The anadrome of desserts is stressed. Edit and tide, flow and wolf, and diaper and repaid are also anadromes. They are also semordnilaps (“palindromes” backwards) or words that become different words when read backwards.

 Context (Txetnoc):

EpicentRx (Xrtnecipe) being an optimistic company subscribes to the ananymic Yhprum’s Law over Murphy’s Law.

About the Words:

Ananym from Ancient Greek ana, meaning “backward”, and nym, meaning “name.”

Anadrome from Ancient Greek ana, meaning “backward” and -drome “course,” “road.”