EpicentRx Word of the Week (WoW): Plenary

Jun 3, 2024

“Read this definition of plenary that is complete in every way.”

Definition (noun): 1) fully attended. 2) unqualified; absolute; comprehensive.

Pronunciation: pleh-nr-ee

Example sentences:
“A plenary talk during a conference is one that everyone has been invited to attend”.

“In the Catholic Church, a plenary indulgence is a full pardon for sins committed”.

“A plenary trial is a full trial of all the issues”.

“A plenary session of Congress”.

“The diplomat has plenary powers”.

“His parents granted him plenary responsibilities over his much younger siblings”.

“A plenary speaker is technically different than a keynote speaker. The former refers to one that speaks at a session which is fully attended, the latter to one that generally gives the opening or closing address, although often the terms are used interchangeably”.

About the Word:
From the Latin plenarius meaning entire.