EpicentRx Word of the Week (WOW): Hebdomadal

Jun 24, 2024

“Hebdomadal is a literal word of the week.”






Definition (adjective):

1) happening once a week the meeting occurred hebdomadally; “A little solace came at tea-time, in the shape of a double ration of bread – a whole, instead of a half, slice – with the delicious addition of a thin scrape of butter: it was the hebdomadal treat to which we all looked forward from Sabbath to Sabbath.” Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre, 1847

2) (noun) a weekly magazine, or newspaper the hebdomadal newspaper gives weekly info on all of the events happening around the city each week

Pronunciation: Heb-dom-uh-duhl

About the Word:
From Latin hebdomas meaning “seven, the seventh day; a week”