EpicentRx Word of the Week: Rodomontade

Jan 8, 2024

“To say that Word of the Week is the best is to be a tad rodomontade.”

Rodomontade noun, verb and adjective



  1. bragging or exaggerated speech
  2. to talk boastfully or pretentiously, to talk a big game

Example sentences:

“Stop your rodomontading, you blustering, preening idiot”.

“That was the most rambling, rodomontade speech we’ve ever heard in our lives”.

“P.T. Barnum, inventor of the three-ring circus and the Prince of Humbug, is probably most closely associated with rodomontade”.

“Propaganda, bombast, jargon, gibberish, rant, guff, twaddle, grandiloquence, purple prose, crud, BS, crap, ranting, palaver, fluff, prattle, harangue, tirade, balderdash, flapdoodle, nonsense are all synonyms of rodomontade”.


It is strictly forbidden for EpicentRx – or any other biopharmaceutical company – to engage in rodomontade by claiming efficacy or safety for their drug candidates prior to FDA approval.


From the Italian Rodomonte after a boastful character in Orlando Innamorato, a 15th century Italian epic.