EpicentRx Word of the Week: Nibrozetone (RRx-001)

Jul 10, 2023

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Noun: The international nonproprietary name (INN) for RRx-001.

Example sentence:

Nibrozetone (RRx-001) plus a platinum doublet is under evaluation in a Phase 3 small cell lung cancer (SCLC) trial called REPLATINUM and in a Phase 2b head and neck trial called KEVLARx for the prevention/amelioration of severe oral mucositis caused by cisplatin and radiation.”


Nibrozetone is the official generic and nonproprietary name for RRx-001 that the international nonproprietary name (INN) expert committee assigned to it. Nibrozetone is an entirely new name which indicates that it is a first-in-class small molecule with a novel mechanism of action and chemical structure that distinguishes it from any approved products.

About the word:

Nibrozetone is an acronym of nitrogen, bromine, and ketone, chemical components that are all found in nibrozetone.