EpicentRx Word of the Week: Immunotherapy

Dec 4, 2023

“No one is immune to the EpicentRx Word of the Week.”


plural -ies

Definition (noun):

: a treatment for diseases like cancer that involves the stimulation of the immune system.



Definition (adjective):

: related to a treatment that acts on the immune system.



plural -s

Definition (noun):

: a treatment that acts on the immune system.

Example sentences:

“The most used immunotherapies in cancer are checkpoint inhibitors.”

“In 2016, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine went to two researchers, Jim Allison and Tasuku Honjo, for their immunotherapy research, which led to the discovery of checkpoint inhibitors.”

“Patients with cancer and preexisting active autoimmune diseases are excluded from immunotherapy clinical trials because of concerns that immunotherapy will exacerbate their preexisting autoimmune diseases.”


The lead EpicentRx AdAPT-001 oncolytic adenovirus is an immunotherapeutic for the treatment of sarcoma and colorectal adenocarcinoma.

About the Word:

Borrowed from German