EpicentRx Word of the Week: Heuristic

Oct 2, 2023

“Word of the Week is your ‘shortcut’ to success.”

Heuristic adjective and noun pl. heuristics


Definition adjective:

  1. hands-on learning that involves trial-and-error
  2. a “good enough” shortcut or simple rule of thumb that makes decision making or problem solving faster and easier but is prone to bias.

Definition noun: a shortcut or rule of thumb. Synonyms: educated guess, gut instinct.

Adverb: heuristically

Example sentences:

“The discovery and development of nibrozetone (RRx-001) and AdAPT-001 were fundamentally heuristic processes that relied to a large extent on trial-and-error”.

“Useful heuristics are “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and “perfect is the enemy of good enough”.

“Stereotyping is a kind of heuristic.”

“Clinicians frequently use heuristics or mental shortcuts based on previous experiences and clinical cases to help with decision making”.

“Be simplistic, use a heuristic”.


The bread and butter of pharmaceutical companies like EpicentRx is research and development (R&D) where discoveries and innovations like nibrozetone (RRx-001) and AdAPT-001 are made possible through a heuristic or trial-and-error process.

About the Word:

German heuristisch, from New Latin heuristicus, equivalent to the Greek heuriskein, meaning “to discover.”