EpicentRx Word of the Week: Epigone

Jan 22, 2024

“EpicentRx is always iconic, usually harmonic, rarely ironic, and never ever epigonic.”

“Epihere today, epigone tomorrow.”

Epigone noun


Epigonic adjective


Epigonism noun



: a second-rate imitator, follower, emulator, or successor.

Example sentences:

“This drug is an epigone or a “me too” of its first-in-class predecessor.”

“An epigone is essentially a failed copycat”.

“The Nobel Prize winner has legions of epigones that simply do not possess the same intelligence.”

“The pharmaceutical industry is by its very nature epigonic.

Epigonism is inherent in the pharmaceutical industry. Overall, there are more “me too” drugs than innovative ones.”


No one would or could call RRx-001 (nibrozetone) an epigone of another drug.

About the Word:

From Greek epigonoi meaning “afterborn.”