EpicentRx Word of the Week: Banausic

Mar 4, 2024

“It is never banausic to read the Word of the Week”.

Banausic adjective



: common, functional, mechanical, mundane, uncultured, unrefined, and lacking creativity or imagination

Example sentences:

“Drug development is not really a banausic occupation”.

“The Greeks looked at having to work for a living as a low-class banausic necessity”.

“Most of Hill’s crimes were more banausic”. -Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on Henry Hill, a gangster in the Federal Witness Protection Program, using the word to mean “banal”.

“…aristocrats and intellectuals… looked down in contempt on all mundane and banausic occupations from the vantage point of inherited capital or estate income.” -Peter Green, Alexander to Actium: The Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age, 1990

“Aristocratic disdain for “trade” is a commonplace of literature, the latter regarded as tainted by the low and banausic nature of what it involves.” -Ideas That Matter, by A C Grayling, 2009.

About the Word:

From the Ancient Greek banausikos, relating to artisans or mechanics