EpicentRx Word of the Week: Anamnesis

Oct 23, 2023

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Anamnesis noun



  1. memory; reminiscence
  2. a patient’s medical history

Anamnestic adjective


  1. of or relating to an anamnesis
  2. immunological memory

Example sentences:

“An anamnestic sign is right-sided paralysis after a stroke. Another anamnestic sign is heart failure after a heart attack.”

“After an infection, numerous circulating B-cells and T-cells develop that possess anamnestic response or memory.”

“The SARS coronavirus later induced anamnestic responses to other coronaviruses.”

“The doctor took notes on the patient’s anamnesis.


The AdAPT-001 oncolytic adenovirus, which is intratumorally injected, ideally will induce anamnestic responses in non-injected tumors.

About the Word:

From the Greek anamnēstikos easily recalled