EpicentRx Word of the Week: Adscopal

Sep 4, 2023

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Adjective: Denotes the immune-mediated responses observed to date in remote noninjected tumor tissues after the injection of AdAPT-001, a TGF-β trap carrying adenovirus, in a single tumor. Not to be confused with abscopal effect (from Latin, ab, meaning “away from,” and scopus, meaning “target”) to refer to the effects of ionizing radiation outside the irradiated tumor volume.

Example sentences:

“The induction of an immune-mediated adscopal effect after injection of one single lesion with AdAPT-001, a TGF-β trap carrying adenovirus, is an anticipated and hoped-for outcome in patients with diffuse metastatic disease”.

“Abscopal effects with radiation are rare-to-see. Hopefully, adscopal effects with AdAPT-001   are not”.


In patients with cancer, AdAPT-001, whether locally or systemically injected, expresses a TGF-β trap that binds to and neutralizes the immunosuppressive cytokine, TGF-β, which tumors overexpress to their advantage. The combination of an adenoviral infection and TGF-β neutralization is intended to trigger an adscopal effect whereby tumor regression outside of the field of injection of AdAPT-001 occurs.

About the Word:

Adscopal is an “Epilogism”, a new word specific to EpicentRx, created by EpicentRx, associated with EpicentRx, and one or more of its therapies, and meant to play, in this case, on the commonly used word abscopal. The abscopal effect refers to tumor regression of both the target lesion and any untreated tumors usually with radiation and/or a checkpoint inhibitor.