EpicentRx Word of the Week: AdAPT

Jun 22, 2023

“Rehab your vocab”


  1. Noun: An attenuated adenoviral platform that expresses proteins, usually those that are immunostimulatory in tumors or other diseased tissues.
  2. Verb: to make fit for a new use by modification.
Example sentences:

“AdAPT-001, enhanced with a TGF-β trap, is in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial”.

“Improvise, AdAPT-001, overcome”.


AdAPT is an acronym for Adenoviruses that Assemble ProTeins. In patients with cancer, AdAPT adenoviruses express immunostimulatory proteins that may activate the immune system, specifically T-cells of the immune system, to go on the offensive against cancer cells, wherever they are located.

About the word:

EpicentRx coined and ‘acronymed’ the word AdAPT to refer to an adenoviral platform invented by Dr. Tony Reid, a highly regarded medical oncologist, and pioneer of oncolytic virotherapy. AdAPT evokes the word “adaptive”, as in the branch of the immune system with the potential to target specific cancer cell antigens and to eradicate tumors. AdAPT also refers to the adaptability of this platform into which an almost unlimited amount of DNA genetic material or transgenes can be inserted to fulfill different therapeutic functions such as tumor eradication or gene delivery.