EpicentRx Word of the Week: AdAPT-ed

Jul 31, 2023

“Word to the wise”



Noun: Education (ed) about the AdAPT platform of adenoviral vectors.

Verb past tense: Designed for use as an adenoviral gene delivery vector.

Example sentences:

“Here is some AdAPT-ed (education): did you know that there are more than 49 immunologically distinct types of adenoviruses? EpicentRx’s AdAPT-001 is derived from a human species C adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5), the most common viral vector used in clinical studies worldwide.”

“EpicentRx plans to make AdAPT-ed (education) a regular blog post.”

“That adenovirus from EpicentRx has been AdAPT-ed for use as an anticancer agent.”


AdAPT-ed is intended to educate and inform about the AdAPT immunological platform, which Dr. Tony Reid, CEO of EpicentRx, AdAPT-ed from a Type 5 adenovirus. Hopefully, no one is confus-ed.

About the Word:

AdAPT-ed (n.) is a compound word composed of AdAPT, the adenoviral platform from EpicentRx, and education.