EpicentRx Word of the Weak (WOW): Effete

Jun 11, 2024

“The thrill of victory, the agony of effete.”

Effete Definition (adjective):

1) degenerate, decadent, snobbish, over-refined the effete, pampered aristocracy who wants things done for them; a group of self-professed, effete intellectuals; tennis is considered by some to be an elitist and effete sport

2) exhausted, purposeless, ineffective, weak, or worn-out macrophages engulf effete red cells; the champion wrestler grew complacent and effete; the authority of the effete, worn-out aristocracy has dwindled considerably

3) effeminate an effete young man; roughneck, macho Sean Connery was anything but effete as James Bond

4) sterile when told she was effete, the young woman decided to adopt

Pronunciation: uh-feet

About the Word: From Latin effetus “exhausted from bearing”