EpicentRx and the Two Arnolds

Nov 8, 2023

In a podcast interview with Rob Lowe on October 12, 2023, living legend and ex-Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, revealed that “In the ‘70s when I said I wanted to get into movies, all the producers and directors and studio executives and agents were saying to me, ‘It’s never gonna happen.’ And one of the three reasons was that my body was too big.” His Austrian accent and his long last name were the two other reasons.

We hear ‘ya, Arnold.

When EpicentRx first began, at the direction of another Arnold, Arnold O., our mentally muscular founder, we heard every criticism under the sun.

Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t let the criticism deter him and neither did we. Unlike the Governator, the company has not yet “made it,” not if the metric of success is FDA approval.

However, 10 years, 3 grants, countless publications and patents, a Phase 3 trial, small molecule and oncolytic viral platforms, FDA Fast Track designation, over $100M raised, and 5 orphan drug designations later, we have disproved most of the naysayers and set the table for EpicentRx to potentially receive more than one FDA approval.

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves to say, “I’ll be back.”

But not EpicentRx.

Largely because of Arnold O., we never left.

So, our catchphrase is, “We’re still here.”