Blogging About Hogging

Mar 15, 2024

Not to be pedantic or a “boar”, but in these weekly blog posts we practice nosism aka “we-ism”, which is the use of the “royal we” to speak about oneself. Nosism comes from Latin “nos” we + English -ism. Not to be confused with noseism, prejudice against large noses, according to the Urban Dictionary. Or in this specific case given the title of the blog, snoutism. 😂 A word like “snoutism” makes us not laugh out loud (LOL) but snort out loud (SOL). Just wondering, is it snortism to not like snorts?

Now hopefully you won’t snort in derision, but it is our hope today to solicit some posts from you, dear reader, (please send them to, and so to go from the royal we to an actual we.

Frankly, to not solicit outside contributions, to be a straight up blog hog, as it were, would be boorish and irresponsible of us. What if we come down with an illness, for example, swine flu, that puts us out of commission?

Any takers? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? SOL.

Feel free in these posts to squeal with emotion. Go absolutely hog wild. Quote Francis Bacon, who is famous for pharmaceutically relevant quotes that we love like “knowledge is power” and “the remedy is worse than the disease”. Or sling mud, if you want. We love mud. The more mud, the better. Call what we write swill, or hogwash, or ham-fisted, or higgledy-piggledy. Insist that you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Or lecture us with Peppa Pig’s frequent admonition to her little brother George, “You’re doing it ALL wrong!” Tough mudders we are, so bring it on. We won’t hog-tie you. Not only can we take it, but we look forward to it. In fact, to use a frankfurter pun, we relish it! 🌭 And so if you can mustard the strength, please ketchup with us anytime.

In the meantime, please donate to the #SaveFerris fund and #FireEdRooney, who is a straight up menace.

And with that, let us quote Porky Pig, (who may have to change his name to Porkless Pig in the Age of Ozempic), “That’s all Folks!”