23andMe Results for AdAPT-001

Jan 26, 2024

If the “smart” oncolytic adenovirus, AdAPT-001, assuming it really was that smart, could spit in a vial and ship it off to 23andMe, a DNA mapping service that extracts genealogical data from saliva, the breakdown would read as follows:

80% Western United States where it was conceived—by Dr. Tony R. Reid initially as a graduate student in Stanford University.

10% Texas (which, truthfully, is like its own country) where it has predominately undergone evaluation by Dr. Anthony P. Conley for the treatment of sarcoma both alone and in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor.

2.5% Scotland as a nod to Tony Reid’s Scottish ancestry.

2.5% Scandinavia as a nod to the presumed Swedish or Norwegian ancestry of co-inventor, Dr. Chris Larson.