First Ever Treatment of Cancer Patients with Personalized Custom-Made Viral Vaccines

RRx-001, A Small Molecule Innate
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor,
Now In Phase 3 Clinical Trials

At EpicentRx, No Cancer Is Safe.

The cancer genetic code is an Enigma and at EpicentRx our “code breakers” are actively involved in trying to crack the Enigma code of each patient’s cancer.

The goal of next generation immuno-oncology at EpicentRx is to improve responses and break through the immune checkpoint 20-30% response rate ceiling with minimal toxicity. I think we’re on track to do that with RRx-001 and the oncolytic viruses.


As a “next generation” small molecule innate immune checkpoint inhibitor, RRx-001 stimulates both the innate and adaptive immune systems and is a combination partner for chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted agents.



Multiple different viruses with an almost unlimited number or transgene options have been developed to treat patients with multiple tumor types and mutations.



To accelerate the pace of clinical development and hopefully shorten the time to FDA approval, several small molecule inhibitors with Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical data that were abandoned or “shelved” for any number of non-safety–related reasons have been repositioned or “repurposed” as anticancer agents via a proprietary EpicentRx dosing strategy.



The application of viruses engineered to express tumor antigens and immunostimulatory cytokines induce an immune response, which potentially leads to durable tumor rejection.



Cell-based therapies are versatile therapeutic platforms that act as replication factories for EpicentRx oncolytic viruses, shield the therapeutic payload from the immune system and are designed to deliver the viruses directly to the site of the metastases.


Toxicity to Tumors not to Patients

About EpicentRx

A Clinical Stage Immuno-Oncology Company

With a prolific platform of small molecule therapies, innate immune checkpoint inhibitors, cell based therapies, vaccines and oncolytic viruses, the central focus of EpicentRx Inc., a privately owned physician-led phase 3 clinical-stage immuno-oncology company located in San Diego, California, is on anticancer immunization and chemo/radioprotection of normal tissues. As a company of actively practicing oncologists/internists we at EpicentRx take cancer very very personally (in a literal and figurative sense) with the plight of the patient serving first and foremost as the motivation to customize or personalize our platform of immunotherapies both to individuals that are otherwise out of options and to groups of individuals with common and in many cases currently undruggable mutations.

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