Phase 3 REPLATINUM study underway with CyNRGY platform lead candidate RRx-001 in Small Cell Lung Cancer

Immune activation against cancer with emphasis on patient quality of life.

In the InflammaZone

The common cause of most, if not all diseases, is inflammation. EpicentRx’s portfolio of oncolytic viruses and small molecules turn ON or turn OFF inflammation in malignant or inflammatory diseases, respectively, through stimulation or inhibition of inflammasomes – responsible for regulation of inflammatory responses.

CyNRGY small molecule platform (RRx-001)

RRx-001, a next generation small molecule immunotherapeutic in the Phase 3 REPLATINUM trial to treat small cell lung cancer.

AdAPT cancer targeting virus platform (AdAPT-001)

AdAPT-001, a cancer targeting virus designed to infect cancer and eliminate a cancer defending protein that silences the immune system (TGF-beta)