EpicentRx is developing two complementary technology platforms that each activate different components of the immune system while focusing on minimally toxic approaches to maintain good quality of life during the fight against cancer.  

EpicentRx’s first clinical stage program, RRx-001, has been tested in several clinical trials including an ongoing Phase 3 study in small cell lung cancer. It is among a portfolio of first-in-class small molecule compounds that favorably alter the tumor microenvironment, down-regulating CD47 and activating tumor associated macrophages (TAMs).

The company is also advancing multiple products through its AdAPT Platform, built around a next generation viral vector (TAV-255), highlighted by the clinical stage AdAPT-001, designed to selectively infect tumors and activate the immune system. In addition TAV-255 is being used for development of personalized cancer vaccines, designed to express cancer specific neoantigens to drive immune activation.