EpicentRx Announces First Ever Treatment of Cancer Patient with Personalized, Custom-Made Viral Vaccines

Personalized Polyepitope Oncolytic Virus/Vaccine
Since all tumors are different, highly personalized immunotherapies are needed. Custom-made oncolytic cancer therapies, which incorporate neoantigens (targets for the immune response) from individual tumors, are in clinical trials now.

Transgene-Specific “Smart” Oncolytic Viruses
Multiple transgene-enhanced “smart” oncolytic viruses with the capacity to distinguish between normal and cancerous tissues are due to begin clinical trials in 2019. In experimental animal models these viruses have demonstrated a high degree of safety with high levels of transgene expression and anti-tumor activity. Transgene-enhanced oncolytic viruses can be customized in an almost unlimited number of transgene-specific options.

Cell Based Therapies
Cell-based therapies are versatile therapeutic platforms that act as replication factories for EpicentRx oncolytic viruses, shield the therapeutic payload from the immune system and possess an intrinsic tumor homing ability to deliver the viruses directly to the site of the metastasis.

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