AdAPT Oncolytic Virus Platform

EpicentRx’s AdAPT Oncolytic Virus Platform is based on the TAV-255 oncolytic adenovirus vector, which was discovered and developed by Dr. Tony R. Reid, Professor of Oncology at University of California at San Diego (UCSD) and Chief Scientific Officer at EpicentRx. TAV-255 is a genetically altered adenovirus that has demonstrated in preclinical studies the ability to preferentially infect and kill cancer cells, and has been attenuated to prevent replication in healthy cells. The AdAPT platform is designed to promote a robust response from the immune system.

EpicentRx has generated two programs from its AdAPT Oncolytic Virus Platform:

  • AdAPT-001An oncolytic adenovirus that is enhanced to express a TGF-β (beta) trap fusion protein
  • Personalized Viruses — A targeted TAV-255 virus against patient-specific cancer mutations (neoantigens)