EpicentRx regards the defense and aerospace industry as a rich and virtually untapped source of novel pharmacophores with the potential for design as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and agrichemicals.

Based upon this core theme, EpicentRx has developed a proprietary multi-mechanistic therapeutic platform for epigenetic gene upregulation and resensitization to failed therapies in many disease areas including cancer, sickle cell anemia, malaria, hemorrhagic shock and leishmaniasis. Through a self-amplifying cycle of RONS production under low oxygen conditions, EpicentRx’s lead compound, RRx-001, with a proprietary dinitroazetidine scaffold, is highly selective for transformed cells, and increases expression of epigenetically repressed genes such as p53 to overcome chemoresistance and epigenetically resensitize, or episensitize,   to relapsed or failed treatments. As a pan-epigenetic modulator, which affects both HDAC and DNA methyltransferases, it is tempting to speculate that RRx-001 will amplify therapeutic responses to immunotherapies such as the checkpoint inhibitors like PD-1.

Below are listed four clinical areas where we have established preclinical proof-of-concept and are actively progressing supporting clinical studies for dinitroazetidine compounds. With Phase 1 human safety confirmed for the prototypic dinitroazetidine molecule, RRx-001, EpicentRx is embarking on a variety of exciting clinical studies to position these compounds as impactful therapies to benefit patients.

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