EpicentRx, a clinical stage biotechnology company, is at the forefront of the rapidly emerging field of epigenetics and has the potential to change the face of medicine. With a focus on the epicenter of life science innovation and forward-thinking leadership, EpicentRx embodies a “radical” new approach to discover and develop improved therapeutic options from non-traditional sources for unmet medical needs.

EpicentRx evolved from a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Stanford University, the aerospace contractor ATK, and the VC firm InterWest Partners, to develop small molecule, nitrogen-rich therapeutics that act selectively on target tissues such as tumors. In close collaboration with scientists and clinicians with expertise in epigenetics, oncology and radiation oncology, immunology, and free radical, vascular and red blood cell biology, EpicentRx has staked out a solid foundation and a reputation for scientific integrity along with a broad and dominant patent estate that underpin the company’s commitment to bring novel drug candidates to market.

EpicentRx’s cutting edge platform of aerospace-derived biology and chemistry has generated novel epigenetic modifiers that hit a therapeutic sweet spot, simultaneously modulating multiple (epigenetic) targets and sensitizing to immunotherapies and radiotherapies as well as resensitizing to previously failed chemotherapies.  A case in point, RRx-001, EpicentRx’s disease-modifying anticancer agent, combines multiple epi-activities with no overt systemic toxicities.  Multiple Phase 2, single agent and combination therapeutic studies in a variety of indications have been initiated with RRx-001 to demonstrate sensitization to immune therapies like the PD-1 inhibitor, nivolumab, radiosensitization in brain metastases and resensitization to previously tried and failed chemotherapies, potentially resulting in an overall survival benefit.

In addition to RRx-001, EpicentRx has developed a platform called VIMMUNE of replication-competent oncolytic viruses armed with immunomodulatory transgenes.

To request further information about any of our technologies, please contact us at info@epicentrx.com or by telephone at (858) 812-2069.